Training Solutions

Leadership Development Series

  1. Top Gun Strategic Managers and Leadership
  2. The Excellent Manager
  3. Personal Leadership and Teamwork
  4. The New Manager
  5.  Discovering the Leader Within You
  6. Performance Management for Production Planning
  7.  Performance Management for Organizational Growth
  8. Competency Development Program
  9. Transformation Leadership for Peak Performance
  10. Inspiring Transformation towards Peak Performance
  11.  Inspiring Transformation towards a Global Management Mindset
  12. Entrepreneurship for New Business
  13. Effective Habits of an Effective Leader
  14. Essential Skills for a Supervisor
  15. Leadership and delegation
  16. Leading People Through Change
  17. Creating Leaders Through Coaching
  18. Coaching and Mentoring
  19. Coaching For Peak Performance
  20. The New Leader In You
  21. High Performance Sales Leadership
  22. Shaping The Emerging Managers
  23. Winning Leadership Skills
  24. Empowering Leadership and Delegation
  25. The Effective Supervisor
  26. Enhancing Leadership Skills Through NLP
  27. Change Management
  28. Transition from junior manager to senior managerial position
  29. Unleash the Leader Within
  30. An intimate introduction to coaching and mentoring
  31.  Coaching Skills for Managers and Supervisors
  32. Supervisory and Line Leader Development
  33. From Engineers to Manager
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